The Bare Necessities

Necessities. Things which we require to go about our daily lives… these are mine.

Water. Music. CBD oil. These three things are absolutely required for me to be able to leave my house.

Water, because staying properly hydrated has so many benefits like giving you energy, preventing headaches, keeping your want to snack at bay, and so many more. It’s so easy to keep a bottle handy at any given time, but remember to keep it environmentally friendly, you can purchase reusable bottles almost anywhere. Even the generic plastic bottles you buy can be reused. What I like to do is have 2 bottles, one in the fridge at all times and the other being used. These VOSS glass water bottled are absolutely perfect… just don’t drop them!

Music, because for me and many others, it can be used as a way to escape the noises of the busy crowds in stores or on public transport. My anxiety is primarily social, so when I come into contact with large crowds it is very easy to become triggered and thrown into an anxiety attack. My music gives me something to focus on, the old ”if I can’t hear them, they aren’t there” scenario.. and for the most part it works! But I urge my fellow music lovers to be careful when wearing headphones near any roads, always be aware of your surroundings and any nearby traffic, keep one earphone off when crossing streets and always double check it’s safe to cross! As much as I love music and it’s soundproofing abilities, I do understand the dangers of not being able to hear everything ❤

CBD oil. Now this stuff, is a game changer! I have recommended it to all of my friends and online acquaintances who have any form of anxiety or panic disorder. As you can see, I use mine in a vape liquid form, I find this the best for me as I am very sensitive to taste and can’t handle the drops or gummies. What I do is I buy the flavourless CBD vape oil, buy a no-nicotine e-juice (usually strawberry) , and mix the two together to create a pleasant vaping experience for myself. As a non-smoker it was a little hard to get used to but it didn’t take long to get the hang of it. All I need is 3-5 puffs of this and I instantly feel more mellow and relaxed, my heart rate goes back to a steady pace, and my brain isn’t thinking about a million things at once. If you have been told about CBD oil and have been on the fence about trying it, please do, it is 100% worth it!

So yeah! These are my three necessities for leaving my house/facing an easily triggering situation. What are yours? I’d love to hear about them and see how we all are grounded by different things.

Until next time ❤


Hi there, and welcome to my blog. My name is Bethany, I’m 23 years old, and I have anxiety. And if you are visiting my blog then I guess you do too, or maybe you know someone who suffers with it and just want to understand a little better, or maybe you don’t have anxiety at all.. regardless of ‘why’ you are here, I’m happy you are.

My goal with this blog is to share my own experiences and hurdles in life with you while on my journey to bettering myself. I hope to connect with you, make you feel less alone through your darkest times, and to let you know that you will always have a friend here.

Throughout this blog I hope to be posting a variety of content to do with mental health as a whole, tips we can share with each other, how to take control back and create a better lifestyle for ourselves through fitness, food and general life.

Thank you so much for being here ❤